What is Step 4 aa and what are the challenges?

Step 4 aa defined To make a full recovery from alcoholism, there are certain things you must do and avoid. These things are defined under the 12-step program of the Alcoholics anonymous. The idea behind the creation of alcoholics anonymous is based on the fact that alcoholism is a result of a spiritual disease. Thus […]

How to Solve Laptop black screen issue?

Laptops are handy for both business and personal purposes, and as such requires adequate attention and maintenance. Poor or inadequate maintenance may expose your computer to certain issues including the nerve-wrenching black screen issue. The laptop black screen problem is not an uncommon issue and can be resolved with easy laptop repair hacks. If your […]

How not to Learn python the hard way?

Are you new to python programming, trying to save yourself from the stress and hassle associated with learning python the hard way? Well, you don’t have to struggle; today just so happens to be your lucky day. Python is one of the easiest and most successful coding languages in the world today, and as such, […]

What are the things to look out for in your first computer?

So you want to get your first personal computer, congratulations. A personal computer is a great addition, both for business and personal purposes. But you have to be careful when choosing your first personal computer because you don’t want to end up with a substandard PC. With the plethora of seemingly quality laptops circulating on […]

Ways to Start Learning Django

A lot of people want to learn Django framework, but very few are ready to leap. There are a number of ways that anyone can use when it comes to learning Django. Udemy is an educational platform that has more than fifty thousand students, and it offered Django courses. This particular course- Python and Django […]

How to answer python coding interview questions correctly?

You’ve made it past the phone call with the recruiter, and now it’s time to show that you know how to solve problems with actual code. Whether it’s a HackerRank exercise, or an onsite whiteboard interview, this is your moment to prove your coding interview skills. Python has become one of the most popular coding […]

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