Best Coding Language to Learn

Best Coding Language to Learn

Best Coding Language to learn - what a hard question

Programming languages play an important role in software development. Therefore, if you are thinking about working in software development, you need to know one of these languages.

One of the easiest ways to choose the best coding language to learn for 2020 is to hear what the market says and where technology trends are heading. Going down, you'll find the most demanding coding languages for web, mobile, and game development.

Finally, get a clear picture of coding languages that will help you advance your career over the next few years and beyond

Lets se the best coding languages


According to Stack Overflow, JavaScript is a very popular language. Research has shown that more than half of the developers use JavaScript.


Within the browser, the browser is the foundation of desktops, mobile phones, and all ubiquitous kiosks. In the past decade, JavaScript has taken the forefront of web servers. Node.js web apps have made "homogeneous code" the most popular way for developers to run on both client and server farms. JavaScript is virtually the same age as Java, but it took years for server-side people to discover its power. New and old at the same time.


2. Python

Python is another language highly recommended to beginners and the most popular entry-level language at top US universities.

Developers are using Python to physique web apps and desktop alike, and have good tools for data mining. Furthermore, Python is mainly popular in the hypothetical community for data analysis, academic computing, and bioinformatics.


Dropbox, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, BitTorrent, Reddit, Civilization IV, etc. were built in Python.


Java is one of the most widely programmed languages in the world, and for good reason. Java was the first fully object-oriented language in which everything existed as classes (except for primitive data types). Java promotes the principle of WORA (Once executed, run anywhere). Another great feature of Java is that it can target multiple platforms. Once developed, Java programs can run on Windows, Linux, and Unix. Java can be used to develop desktop applications, web-based applications, and new Android-based applications. Therefore, Java is one of the most recommended programming languages.




Even today, whenever you need to build a high-performance application, you will find C to be the most common choice.

CPP is a fusion version of C. C ++ is an object-oriented coding language, built on C. Thus, it takes superiority over others to design higher-level applications.

We consider C ++ to perform better than dynamically typed languages because type checking is done before the code is actually executed. The central zones of development are games, virtual reality, and computer graphics.


5. PHP

The PHP language is initially created to create a personal homepage. This is why its name is PHP. However, it is one of the greatest used programming languages.


The complete form of PHP is a hypertext preprocessor. PHP is an overall-purpose programming language that runs on a server of a website. Furthermore, it helps to make web pages inscribed in HTML.


This is one of the reasons PHP is a popular language because it is cheap, free and easy to use. That’s why, it is widely chosen by beginners.


Most web developers use PHP to develop web applications. Learn PHP and create a content management system such as WordPress that works with the PHP language.



HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is the backbone of all websites. Web browsers only understand HTML. Render pages in a simple HTML format after processing, even for dynamic websites. HTML is a prerequisite for learning more advanced programming languages.

Wrapping up!

Because the software business changes with respectively new update or publication. "What is the best coding language in the world?" If you desire to start your career as a developer, you are the only one who can govern which is finest for you based on your comforts in different areas.

Let's choose:

Backend web development – JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, C #

Desktop applications – Java, C ++, Python


Frontend Web Development – JavaScript

Game Development – C ++, C #

Mobile development-Java, C #

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