How not to Learn python the hard way?

Are you new to python programming, trying to save yourself from the stress and hassle associated with learning python the hard way? Well, you don’t have to struggle; today just so happens to be your lucky day. Python is one of the easiest and most successful coding languages in the world today, and as such, the learning materials for the python language are available almost everywhere. However, you may have to learn python the hard way if you have zero coding experience and you don’t the first thing about writing coding scripts.

The good news, however, there are many proficient python programmers around you who would help you get started on your python coding career. So you won’t have to learn python the hard way. Now, that you have made up your mind to seek out the easiest way to learn python. Here are some of the most effective python coding tips to help you get started

Great Books to get you started with python:

4 tips for learning python coding

Python Code
1. Make coding an everyday habit 

If you don’t want to learn python the hard way, you have to be consistent with your coding endeavors. It takes commitment to learn a new programming language, so you have to dedicate an hour or two in your day to write codes that you have learned in python. While you may not know this, muscle memory plays an important role in python coding. When you dedicate your time to writing codes over and over again, your muscles will get acclimated to coding and you won’t have to lean python the hard way.

2. Take notes
Taking Notes

You need to take notes to keep track of your progress when learning a new programming language. Believe it or not, the codes you put down on your notes can bolster assimilation and retention. This will help you long-term in case you miss your step in the future. You can always go back to your notes to pick up from where you left off. This is extremely helpful for people who want to start a career in software development. Keep in mind that most python interview questions are asked on whiteboards, so by taking notes in your python learning journey, You’ll prepare yourself for what is to come and gain a competitive edge over other aspirants gunning for the same position as you.

3. Hunt for bugs in your codes

It is almost impossible to avoid bugs when learning python. So before you hit a stumbling block in your programming journey and learn python the hard way, hunt down the bugs in your code. When debugging your python codes make sure you have a system in place to help you keep track of the changes you have made.

4. Don’t isolate yourself

You’re not going to learn python if you make the mistake of isolating yourself. Involve yourself in different communities such as Stack OverFlow and start posting your projects on GitHub. You can share ideas and pain points with these individuals throughout the python learning process.


If you don’t want to learn python the hard way, you must learn how to collaborate with other programmers. Also, make coding a lifestyle, start coding everyday for at least an hour. Start developing both desktop and web applications. In addition, you can use python for developing complex scientific and numeric applications. Start taking advantage of python awesome libraries. By doing so, you will gain the experience and skills, which will make you a better programmer

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