What is Step 4 aa and what are the challenges?

Step 4 aa defined

To make a full recovery from alcoholism, there are certain things you must do and avoid. These things are defined under the 12-step program of the Alcoholics anonymous. The idea behind the creation of alcoholics anonymous is based on the fact that alcoholism is a result of a spiritual disease. Thus alcoholics can recover from their condition by identifying and overcoming character flaws wherever possible. Hence, step 4 aa (the fourth step in the 12-step program of the alcoholics anonymous).

It revolves around searching and creating a truthful inventory of the character flaws that pushed you to become an alcoholic. So you can understand yourself better and improve on your weaknesses.

FULL GUIDE OF THE AA STEPS: https://www.campusnote.com/index.php/product/twelve-steps-and-twelve-traditions-b-14-large-print-edition/


The main concept behind step 4 aa is to help the participant understand him/herself. Also to form a blueprint for the future steps in the 12-step program of the alcoholics anonymous. It is believed that the true understanding of one’s self (personal strengths and weakness) can help you overcome the underlying problems. in addition, it will help the participant to focus on those areas that led them to alcohol in the first place. Think of it as the preliminary step to full recovery via the 12-step program of alcoholics anonymous.

Step 4 aa
 Step 4 Aa Process

step 4 aa process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to make a full inventory of your character flaws and assets. It involves making a list of those areas that influenced your decision and brought you to this stage of your life. Depending on your AA group, you may get a workbook with a list of adjectives to help you through the classification process. The most important part of the process is to write down your character flaws and assets. Writing them down with pen and paper is can help you through the mending process; it is a step in the positive direction in your path to recovery.

More info: https://www.alcohol.org/alcoholics-anonymous/

Step 44 aa challenges

Step 44 aa can expose you to several challenges, especially if you have a lack of personal responsibility. In some cases, participants spend time justifying their actions instead of confronting them and owning up to their mistakes. If you aren’t completely honest about your strengths and weaknesses, you may not enjoy the plethora of benefits that step 4 aa offers. Another common challenge faced by participants in step 4 aa is time requirements. Time is of the essence when working on your recovery from alcoholism; there is a high likelihood that you would fall back to your previous state if you procrastinate on the steps to recovery. Carve out a day or a few hours from your busy schedule to evaluate yourself and identify your character assets.


The character inventory you’ve created in step 4 aa will set the pace for your recovery in the remaining steps of the program. So take full responsibility for your character flaws and embrace your strengths.  

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