How to Teach Yourself To Code

Writing code is considered a great skill to have in many industries. It provides an opportunity to build amazing products and solve problems while making lots of money at the same time. But learning to code can be hard especially if you are new to it.

Without wasting time, these some tips you’ll learn about in this article regarding teaching yourself to code:

  • Have a Growth Mindset
  • Stay Away from Trends
  • Learn Effectively
  • Stay Consistent

Have a Growth Mindset

The IT industry is a constantly changing one, especially in software development. A new tool gets released almost weekly, languages get new features with just a few months in between. It is exhausting trying to keep track of all these changes.

Since the field is always changing, it is important to keep your mind open to these changes. To teach yourself to code, you need to always be open to the concept of learning and unlearning. This is what the growth mindset is about. It is also the driving force behind every great coder.

Stay Away from Trends

As discussed in the first section, the software development field is constantly changing. There will always be the newest cool stuff. These things are exciting and promising, but only a few will stand the test of time.

For someone just starting to learn coding, stick to the proven concepts and technologies that have been around for a while. By learning the fundamentals, even when technologies change, you can easily transition.

This applies also when choosing a language to learn. There are tons of new languages out there, which are not mature yet. By sticking to languages that are being used a lot, you can easily find help when you get stuck.

Learn Effectively

There are tons of resources on the internet to use when learning new technologies. This is a huge advantage when looking at the number of resources when the software development industry was young.

However, this creates a problem of having to many places to learn from. It makes it harder to learn effectively. You should learn to mix the use of videos and books when learning new concepts. For the books, you should be cautious of books older than 

The best way to go about this is to stay away from books, over five years old, except they are teaching vital concepts. For example, a book teaching object-oriented programming concepts or best coding practices.

Stay Consistent

The bane of learning to code is the lack of consistency. When learning to code, it’s important to be consistent with the process. Perhaps, learn about code and write code every day, for a lengthy period.

By staying consistent, you can learn and improve at an amazing speed. Consistency will also help improve your confidence as a developer. While staying consistent, it is important that you practice what you learn, build stuff that you find interesting.

One way to go about this is to embark on coding challenges. 30 to 100 days coding challenges are common, you can join one of them and see yourself grow exponentially in a short period.


It is important to remember that learning to code is a process. Be calm, and trust that you’ll get better as you put in more practice. Try to get involved in coding communities. This way you can find people to meet for help, people with the same interests and discuss ideas with them. In no time, you’ll be good enough at coding to apply for jobs or tackle advanced problems.

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