How to Teach Yourself to Code

If you want to teach yourself to code, taking the first steps can seem a little intimidating. There are a lot of free courses available online – this is not what it lacks. Maybe, actually, there are too many and you don’t know where to start. The web is full of resources, and if you know how to use them you’ll be definitely able to teach yourself to code. If “I don’t know where to start” is your problem, this article can help you understand to spot your path.

Why do you want to teach yourself to code?

Even before choosing what programming language you want to study first, you want to ask yourself why you want to learn computer coding. This isn’t an existential question – understanding why you want to learn how to code, or what for, can help you understand what programming language you should learn to master first, and what sort of commitment it requires.

If your dream is to provide the human race with the first valid alternative to Google or to invent holographic phone calls, free online courses won’t be enough for you. You should go to school, and – alas – spend a lot of time and money for your education. On the other hand, if your aim to build a website and being able to manage it on your own or you want to create your own smart home devices, then the resources you can find online and for free will be enough to teach yourself to code.

Choose the programming language

There is no best programming language for beginners – as there’s no absolute best programming language at all – but once you figured out why you want to teach yourself to code, you can consider your level of knowledge and understand what’s the best programming language that can help you achieve your goals.

  • HTML and CSS are considered the easiest programming language to learn and master. They are very useful if you want to build your own website, but, apart from that, they have very little use.
  • For interactive sites – that can possibly involve payment systems – you’ll need to master some more complex computer codes such as Javascript, PHP or Python.
  • Java would be the perfect programming language if you aim to develop a smartphone app.
  • If you’re still not quite clear-headed about what you’d like to do with your programming skills and you want to remain a little flexible, most professionals recommend learning Python, C#, and Javascript as they are very versatile.

Find an online course

An online course, as opposed to the dozens – and hundreds – of blog articles you can find about every topic of your interest, can be super helpful to control your learning schedule, but also to have all the notions you’re learning (and you’ll need to learn) organized in one place and provided with order growing complexity.

Teach yourself to code without spending money on courses or schools is possible today thanks to the tons of resources that the internet can offer to each of us. Figure out what you want and what you need, be consistent, and nothing will be able to stop you.

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