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“By providing an extensive foundation for real-time and embedded systems programming, this book serves a much-needed role for both students and professional alike. Students will benefit from the clarity of the text and the many straight-forward examples. Professional developers will benefit from the breadth of material showing how to harness multi-core and multi-processor platforms effectively, with a mainstream, industrial-strength concurrent programming language. The accessibility and readability provided by the Ada language make it ideal for such a book, even for those not using Ada at present. As the owner of more than forty books on Ada and many years of embedded/real-time systems development, I am happy to recommend this one and look forward to its publication.”
Patrick Rogers, AdaCore

“This book by McCormick, Singhoff, and Hugues succeeds in introducing a very complicated and wide-ranging topic. It is well written and has extensive examples that are readily accessible but nonetheless reflect the complexities of the real world. I highly recommend the book.”
Ada Letters

“This is a most rewarding book to read and absorb. I strongly recommend it.”
George Hacken, Computing Reviews

“The book and supporting website are an impressive body of work by the authors… I recommend this excellent book to anyone with a technical interest in real-time, parallel, and embedded programming.”
Howard Ausden, ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes

“The book is very well-written… Building Parallel, Embedded, and Real-Time Applications with Ada is one of those volumes that makes you think, especially about the hard problems (like real-time, multitasking and multicore) facing the firmware world today. I recommend it.”
Jack G. Ganssle

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A guide to understanding and implementing multi-core, concurrent, distributed, real-time, and embedded applications. With an accessible writing style, a wealth of complete examples, and numerous exercises, this book is ideal for undergraduate students. It is also appropriate for graduate students and practitioners needing a solid foundation in these growing areas.

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The arrival and popularity of multi-core processors has sparked a renewed interest in the development of parallel programs. Similarly, the availability of low-cost microprocessors and sensors has generated a great interest in embedded real-time programs. This book provides students and programmers whose backgrounds are in traditional sequential programming with the opportunity to expand their capabilities into parallel, embedded, real-time and distributed computing. It also addresses the theoretical foundation of real-time scheduling analysis, focusing on theory that is useful for actual applications. Written by award-winning educators at a level suitable for undergraduates and beginning graduate students, this book is the first truly entry-level textbook in the subject. Complete examples allow readers to understand the context in which a new concept is used, and enable them to build and run the examples, make changes, and observe the results.






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