Inflatable Bathtub Portable

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Inflatable Bathtub Portable


Material PVC
Color Blue
Fit person <175cm / <68.90inch
Pipe length 100cm / 39.37inch
Pipe interface diameter 2cm / 0.79inch
Size 140 x 75 x 70cm / 55.12 x 29.53 x 27.56inch
Weight 1982g

Good ventilation, and a bottom non-slip effect.
Waterproof surface, soft and comfortable, easy to clean.
Drawstring honeycomb structure column, the bed is more stable and more uniform force.
Three-dimensional surface using a honeycomb-like structure, close to the body curve, more solid shape.
High frequency welding with thick mold, so that the seam is more sophisticated, welding edge confidentiality stronger.

Package Includes:
1 x Inflatable bathtub